07 fevereiro 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

Oh what a movie! What a lovely movie! 

George Miller swept us of our feet with a non-stop crazy beautiful ride of violence, shiny metal, action and feminism! Oh man, how can one not be overwhelmed by this intense and extravagant chase of freedom and redemption? Most notably, one that doesn´t even need dialogue, one that captivates you with mesmerizing and colourful visuals! How can one not be overwhelmed by the sunset fire of the desert or by the blueish moonlight of the wasteland? And how can one resist to a cinematography that acts like the driving force of the movie? 

The narrative is somehow simple and undoubtedly straightfoward but that is actually an enormous strenght! There are no preambles nor voiceover explanations: things just happen, the characters act upon them and you watch relentlessly! For instance, you don´t see the reality of the Wives. But you don´t need to...because you can imagine the horror and share their disgust and will to fight! And that's the kind of logic that makes "Mad Max: Fury Road" one of a kind! 

I have to say I didn´t imagine that I would have so much love and enthusiasm for this movie! I didn´t watch the trilogy (sure, crucify me) I was just familiar with the basic...But I just absolutely loved this over-the-top insane and inteligent post-apocalyptic opera, that perfectly put together a smashing entertainment with a simple yet incisive and well-played narrative of rebellion and fight for justice, equality and freedom! 

(Oh...and from a display of such irreverent and exaggerated characters, what movie can brag of still having a character so crazy and cool like The Doof Warrior?)

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