13 julho 2010

The Ice Storm

Paul Hood:
[narration] In issue 141 of the Fantastic Four, published in November, 1973, Reed Richards had to use his anti-matter weapon on his own son, who Aannihilus has turn into the Human Atom Bomb. It was a typical predicament for the Fantastic Four, because they weren't like other superheroes. They were more like a family. And the more power they had, the more harm they could do to each other without even knowing it. That was the meaning of the Fantastic Four: that a family is like your own personal anti-matter. Your family is the void you emerge from, and the place you return to when you die. And that's the paradox - the closer you're drawn back in, the deeper into the void you go.

O gelo é o denominador comum. Real e metafórico. Frio, estéril, distante, fugaz, subjuga silenciosamente, desde a beleza da Natureza gelada à fragilidade e incompatibilidade das relações.

Mikey Carver: When its freezing, Because it means the molecules aren't moving, so when you breath, theres nothing in the air, you know, you breath into your body, the molecules have stopped, its clean.

Uma critica pungente a uma sociedade em revolução, contudo ainda dormente. Falsos moralismos, esquecimento e perda de valores, o contraste entre o despertar sexual dos filhos e a repressão sexual dos pais, a fraqueza da educação, tudo se junta e contribui para o descontrolo final, irreversível e doloroso.

Boas interpretações e uma boa realização, num filme competente com momentos bem conseguidos, apesar de surgir por vezes uma sensação de afastamento mas que não compromete uma magnífica premissa.

Paul Hood: To find yourself in the negative zone, as the Fantastic Four often do, means all every day assumptions are inverted. Even the invisible girl herself becomes visible and so she loses the last semblance of her power. It seems to me that everyone exists partially on a negative zone level, some people more than others. In your life, it's kind of like you dip in and out of it, a place where things don't quite work out the way they should. But for some people, the negative zone tempts them. And they end up going in, going in all the way.

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